COMING SOON! The BC PCM Project Registry


A publicly viewable, searchable, web-based registry of projects in British Columbia that use patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs & PREMs). 

The BC PCM Project Registry is designed to answer the question:

Who in British Columbia is using which patient-centred measurement survey questionnaire (PROM or PREM) for what purpose?”


The BC PCM Project Registry will serve to foster coordinated and collaborative work by raising awareness of past and current projects. The registry provides information about which PROMs or PREMs are used and how they were selected, and promotes learning and capacity building amongst healthcare providers, researchers and patients. The BC PCM Registry is being designed:

  1. For communication, and not quality control;
  2. To balance flexibility with standardization;
  3. To keep moderation/vetting requirements for Registry records to a minimum (this was a request of our stakeholders via an engagement activity)
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