Patient-Centred Measurement 
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We will know that we have achieved cultural safety when the voice of

the people receiving our services tell us we have.


FNHA’s Policy Statement on Cultural Safety and Humility


In March 2020, the Indigenous Advisory Committee (IAC) was established to advise the British Columbia Office of Patient-Centred Measurement and the British Columbia Patient-Centred Measurement (PCM) Steering Committee.

The IAC explores how Indigenous knowledge, experiences and ways of knowing can inform and decolonize current PCM processes (i.e., survey tool selection and development, data collection processes, analysis, reporting and dissemination and on Indigenous ways of knowing). Further, the IAC will help to prioritize PCM related matters impacting First Nations, Métis, and Inuit.

With great humility, the OPCM acknowledges that until now, no such process existed to ensure Indigenous representation and leadership to lead to meaningful change in patient-centred measurement. The OPCM commits to ensuring this takes place to move towards decolonizing colonial methods and processes in patient-centred measurement.

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For more information about the development of the IAC’s ‘Fire Agreements’ that serve as an example of how to decolonize and Indigenize the Terms of Reference of a committee click here.

The IAC will guide how PCM is conducted in British Columbia with Indigenous Peoples. IAC members will have reciprocal learning opportunities, individually and collectively, about existing PCM methods and the application of Indigenous methodologies to PCM. These learning opportunities may be presented through peers, networking, contributing to materials shared provincially, nationally and internationally, and where there is interest, to be involved in writing journal articles for publication to a broader audience.

To date the IAC has discussed and advised on many areas of PCM work including; development of a cultural safety module of survey questions, culturally safer approaches for survey item testing (via cognitive interviews), and report planning.

For more information about the development of questions addressing Indigenous Cultural Safety from the patient perspective click here.

For more information about Indigenous PCM in British Columbia, please contact us here


Use of the citation below is expected when any of the Indigenous PCM work informs and/or is included in your publications, presentations, social media posts, etc. Thank you! 


citation iconMorgan, J; Matthew, M; Thevarge, D; Marsden, N; Laliberte, N; Thomson, S; Gillis, T; Corscadden, L; Muller, M; Nourani, S; Cuthbertson, L; 2021; Fire Agreements: Decolonization and Indigenization of British Columbia's Indigenous Patient-Centred Measurement Advisory Committee's Terms of References;


Our Indigenous Advisory Committee collaborated with Kwexata'lsp (Ovila Mailhot) Nlaka'pamux and Stó:lō Nation, on the development of our Indigenous PCM logo and the artistic representation of our Fire Agreements. 



IAC Membership

Updated February 2022

Mark Matthew

Mark Matthew

Co-Chair, Ministry of Health, Simpcw First Nation
Stephen Thomson

Stephen Thomson

Co-Chair, Fraser Health Authority
Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

University of Victoria

Namaste Marsden

University of British Columbia
Nancy Laliberte

Nancy Laliberte

Provincial Health Services Authority
Terri Gillis

Terri Gillis

Métis Nation British Columbia
Mathew Fleury Picture

Mathew Fleury

First Nations Health Authority