Introducing: Quality of Life Assessments

Quality of Life Assessments

Quality of life (QOL) assessments include questions that help to measure what matters to individuals about their quality of life, healthcare experiences, physical, mental and social health. 

Learn more about QOL assessments at HEALTHYQOL.COM

The HEALTHYQOL.COM website serves as an introduction to Quality of Life Assessments for four different audiences: patients & family caregivers, healthcare providers, healthcare managers and leaders, and government leaders and decision makers. The webpage includes videos and infographics/pamphlets tailored for each audience. These resources were developed as part of a patient-oriented research project funded by the Canadian Frailty Network, hence the focus is on older adults.

The Canadian Frailty Network posted a spotlight story on this work! Check it out here: Putting Patients First: Assessing Quality of Life